Justin Woodman

Dr Justin Woodman studied at Goldsmiths where he completed his doctoral research on concept and the politics of the ‘demonic’ within contemporary occultures in the UK. Current research interests include -  esotericism, speculative fiction and popular culture; racism and political extremism within cultures of conspiracy; religion, cognition and the ‘New Atheism’.   Justin kindly sent... Continue Reading →

Martyn Wemyss

Dr Martyn Wemyss is interested in the relationship between law and time, the aesthetics of justice and the material lives of norms, as well as indigeneity and the political imaginary.   Linford Superville:  ​Have you changed your bookshelf for this interview, if so why? Martyn Wemyss:  ​I have dusted my bookshelf for this interview and... Continue Reading →

Martin Webb

Dr Martin Webb's research engages with active citizenship, ethical politics, transparency and accountability, urban governance, and most recently, access to public goods such as clean air and water in urban settings.   Gavin: Have you changed your shelf for this interview? Martin: You only asked me if I would submit 10 minutes ago and I... Continue Reading →

About the project

What can we learn about anthropology and anthropologists from their bookshelves? What glimpses of their lives can be found in the ethnographies, films and unusual objects that threaten to spill from their shelves? Do they lend books? Do they mourn lost ones? How do the collections reflect the evolution of interest and careers?

Henrike Donner

Dr Henrike Donner is an urban anthropologist with research interests in gender and kinship, class and urban politics. She has conducted fieldwork in Kolkata, India from the mid-90s onwards.

Gavin Weston

Dr Gavin Weston studies violence, vigilantism and popular culture. He has a pedagogic interest in staff/student collaborations and started the bookshelves project. (Goldsmiths - Anthropology)

Ricardo Leizaola

Dr Ricardo Leizaola, is a documentary filmmaker and anthropologist specialising in Visual anthropology and ethnobotany. He trained in Venezuela and did fieldwork in Caracas, Southern Ethiopia and London.

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