Michael Yorke

Dr. Michael Yorke is an anthropologist, photographer and documentary filmmaker. After hitchhiking in India in 1962 he decided to become an anthropologist, specialising in South Asia. He has always wanted to engage people in the understanding of the ‘other’ which is evident in his work and ethnographic pieces on tribal culture. His films and visual... Continue Reading →

Jo Setchell

Professor Jo Setchell is fascinated by all areas of evolutionary anthropology, but her key interests are centred around primatology. Jo teaches evolutionary anthropology at Durham University but also still conducts research on primates such as Mandrills in Gabon.  Her book, Studying Primates: How to Design, Conduct and Report Primatological Research has just been published this... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Films Featuring Anthropologists

Dr Gavin Weston is an anthropologists at Goldsmiths University. He wrote an article in 2015, alongside Jamie F. Lawson, Mwenza Blell and John Hayton, in which they analysed the reputation of anthropologists in film. Gavin watched many films to featuring anthropology for this research and concluded that typically anthropologists act as an intermediary between two... Continue Reading →

Dolores Martinez

Dr Dolores (Lola) Martinez is a professor emeritus of Anthropology and Sociology at SOAS University. During her extensive academic career she has focused on Japanese culture, including specific themes such as the diving women (ama) and fishermen of Mie Prefecture, the growth of local tourism, religion, gender, and mass media and film. She currently holds... Continue Reading →

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